Voss is a classically trained dancer who has 20 years of ballet, jazz, and latin dance experience under her garter belt. A true L.A. native, she grew up performing and studied stagecraft, movement, and acting from an early age. Voss’ style of dance harkens back to the class, humor, and sensuality of Hollywood’s Golden Age, and she cites among her inspirations Gwen Verdon, Cyd Charisse, Blaze Starr, and Rosalind Russell. A high-energy chameleon-like performer who dances both traditional and neo-burlesque styles, Voss’ versatility is undeniable.
Voss is a regular performer in Los Angeles shows such as Sultry Sweet and The Hollywood Jane Revue, and has also performed in cities throughout the U.S. including in New York and Las Vegas. Moreover, Voss is a skillful choreographer with a large repertoire of routines in her catalog. She was been recognized by Burlypick as being top of her craft with award winning routines in competitions in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.